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Display of keynotes and documents

Demonstration of presentations and materials improves perception of the webinar by its participants. Supporting files PDF, PPT, PPTX, PPTSX, PPSX, TXT, ODP, PNG, JPG.

                          Web camera 

Presenter can broadcast video with webcam

Video demonstration
Both uploaded and Youtube videos can be streamed.


Presenter can broadcast audio without webcam.
Your guests to be listening only audio with your microphone

                         Desktop sharing 

Share your computer's screen with the participants and increase training effectiveness by several times.

Instant messages that webinar participants can exchange allow presenters to get feedback and direct the webinar.

Users list
You can see all users which visiting your webinar. Their name and flag of country

Hide user list
Presenter can hide user list. Guests will not see the other participants

Moderating in the room
Presenter can kick and ban users, lock/unlock chat, editing and cleaning chat, and other

Documents and keynotes sharing
You can load all formats files in storage . Your visitors can download this files at the conference room. Supporting files format: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, 7ZIP, RTF, TXT, PDF, XLS. Max file size 50 mb

                         Webinar recording
                       Record the broadcast and download it in the MP4 container. Publish the recording in social networks and the webinar will work for you even after the actual broadcast.


Additional settings


Edit room link

You can edit your room link
Sample: default room link (rooms.webinar.tw/111111) new link (rooms.webinar.tw/myroom)

Presenter can set password. Guests can connect if only know the password

Ban and unban users
All users can be banned in the room or dashboard. Presenter add user IP and forbid connect into room. You can unban users in dashboard


Technical support 24/7
Online chat and tickets system

Your logo and banner will be a perfect fit for the webinar interface and will work for image sustaining.

Autologin to your webinar from your web site

 Link for autologin to

1) Your webinar
    https://rooms.webinar.tw/{LANGUAGE}/{ALIAS}/{GUEST NAME}
2) Your password protected webinar
    https://rooms.webinar.tw/{LANGUAGE}/{ALIAS}/{GUEST NAME}/{PASSWORD}


  1. {LANGUAGE} - language for user interface for your webinar;  can be: en - English, ru - Russian, uk - Ukrainian
  2. {ALIAS} - alias to your webinar, which you set in webinar settings
  3. {GUEST NAME} - guest name encoded by urlencode() function, for example, John Smith; see also here
  4. {PASSWORD} - webinar password encrypted by MD5 function; see also here